Answered By: Rebecca Sedam
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Good news -- you will find a good selection of material on this topic through the Oakton Library.


You will find the following subject heading useful:

Organ Transplantation ethics

Follow these steps:

  • Connect to the Oakton Library Catalog
  • Type in the search terms shown above
  • Select "Subject" from the drop-down menu (it says "Keyword" by default)
  • Select "Find"

Since the relevance of a particular book may not be immediately apparent, close examination of your search results is important.  For example, click on the following title:

Petechuk, David. Organ Transplantation. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2006.

If you then select the "Table of Contents" tab, you will find that one of the chapters covers "Buying and Selling Organs for Donation."


  • Connect to the Oakton Library website at
  • Select "Find Facts"
  • Select "Credo"
  • Search for organ transplantation and ethics
  • NOTE: other useful search terms and phrases include organ trafficking and transplant tourism



The Oakton Library has a wide range of online databases suitable for research on this topic.  We'll focus here on just one.

  • Connect to the Oakton Library website at
  • Select "Find Articles"
  • Select "Any Subject"
  • Select "Opposing Viewpoints"
  • Use the "Browse Issues" feature (located near top of page)
  • When the "Browse Issues" page opens up, you will find a link for Organ Transplantation. That page, in turn, will give you access to a collection of news articles, opinion pieces, journal articles, and statistics concerning issues such as organ procurement, brain death, and organ selling.


If you need additional help (such as coming up with a database search strategy) stop by the reference desk on either campus or call one of the phone numbers below to speak to a reference librarian.

847-635-1644 (DPC)
847-635-1474 (RHC)